Tulip crazy at Canberra’s Floriade

Spring flowers are still blossoming in my Sydney garden and that season’s cool breezes are hanging on too. However it feels like THE BIG HOT will hit any day now. So I’d like to say a proper goodbye to Spring this year by sharing my trip to Floriade in Canberra this year.  Continue reading

Review: ‘More Great Properties of Country Victoria’

After growing up on a large property in central NSW, I can relate to the boom and bust nature of rural life. When admiring the grand homes and properties of Victoria’s Western District, it is easy to assume that the pioneers who built them were a little more fortunate and didn’t suffer the same trials and tribulations of drought, disease, rising costs and falling prices. Continue reading

Book Review: Dreamscapes

Dreamscapes is a stunning collection of 69 of the world’s most beautiful gardens photographed by Claire Takacs. It is a book filled with imagery and about gardens. If it achieves no more than inspire you to immerse yourself in open spaces at sunrise or sunset, with or without your camera, then it is well worth having, and a big part of its objective! Continue reading