How to grow and use caraway

Caraway is used to flavour a whole lot of food that we eat, like havarti cheese, rye bread, sauerkraut and caraway seed cake in Britain. What may surprise you is that the roots can be cooked as a vegetable like parsnips or carrots and also that the leaves are sometimes eaten as herbs, either raw, dried, or cooked, just like you would with parsley. Continue reading

Let me show you my Italy this May

Are you planning to visit Italy this May but you want to see something different? Would you like to visit some unique gardens guided by an expert? Would you like a local guide that shows you places that only Italians know? If your answer is ‘YES!’ you should join me for the garden tour of Royal Palace of Caserta, Sicily and Sardinia. Continue reading

Sssssnakes in the garden – an easy solution

When you are enjoying nature, whether for a leisurely hike or to work in your yard, the last thing you want to worry about is snakes. But some 3,000 snakebites occur each year, mostly in eastern Australia and often in urban areas, close to where people work, live and, yes, garden.  While many snakes are non-venomous, encountering one is at the very least unsettling, even though they are usually more scared of you than you are of them. Continue reading