Victorians vote on favourite tree


Guilford tree. National Trust (Victoria)

Could this be Victoria’s favourite tree? This red gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis is just one beauty in contention for the National Trust’s 2018 Victorian Tree of the Year.  The red gum is one of the largest trees in Victoria, located at Guilford and is about 500 years old.

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Sophie’s Patch

When I think of my childhood, I don’t visualise toys or things; I see a magical place of beauty and majesty – the garden where I grew up. I see the path winding up to the house and having to push aside the weeping foliage to get past, surrounded by an ever-changing array of flowers and foliage. The air was filled with a kaleidoscope of scents and, while at first it seemed quiet, once I tuned in, there was a cacophony of sounds – all natural sounds from insects such as the bees and crickets to frogs, birds and the wind rustling through the foliage.

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Perth Garden Festival a success

Beautiful weather, fabulous displays, talks and demonstrations combined to make the 2018 Perth Garden Festival the most successful Perth garden event for many years. Held at a picturesque riverside location in Victoria Park, the show attracted about 34,000 visitors over the four days.

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Horticultural media awards

The Horticultural Media Association of Australia (HMAA) recently held its 2018 Laurel Awards. The HMAA Laurels recognise the best writers, photographers, educators, researchers and broadcasters who have demonstrated an exceptional capacity in communicating the benefits and joys of gardening to the community.

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World Horticultural Exhibition 2024

AIPH members announce the City of Łódź in Poland will host the A1 Horticultural Exhibition


The City of Łódź in Poland has won the right to host the prestigious A1 World Horticultural Exhibition from April to September 2024. With a theme of ‘Nature of the City’ the exhibition aims to promote the sharing of experience and solutions for improving the quality of life in cities and introduce more sustainable development focused on the use of living green landscapes and green spaces.

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