Chantelle LeenstraMind blowing cactus and succulents

When the NSW Cactus and Succulent Society holds its Autumn and spring shows it’s certainly worth getting out of bed for. Watch this video from a spring show and you’ll see just how great these events are.

Now if you think the succs in the video are cool, then let me tell you, those in the competition room at the Autumn show  B L E W   M Y   M I N D !!! So keep your eyes open for a show in your area and see for your self!!

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Chantelle Leenstra

About Chantelle Leenstra

Chantelle Leenstra is the landscape architect and an award-winning horticulturist at Garden Atelier. She has extensive experience speaking on radio and at garden and design events around Australia, and is NSW Ambassador of YoungHort and a 2015 Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Chantelle has a deep interest in the connections between people and gardens. She was named 2014 Australian Horticulture Student of the Year for her work with esteemed landscape designers and horticulturists in Japan before embarking on her World Horticulture Stories project interviewing gardeners across Japan and Thailand. Chantelle offers a unique, lively and heartfelt perspective on what gardens can mean for us today. To enquire about booking Chantelle as a speaker, email

2 thoughts on “Mind blowing cactus and succulents

  1. Hi Chantelle,

    Only just had a chance to catch your video about succulents.

    There certainly is a lot of variety. I love the sculptural quality of this plant and often use genus like echevieria as carpets under plants like camellia japonica (espeically in pots). Their toughness is also to be admired.

    Shame about the sound, but great you had subtitles!

    Hugs, Bernard Chapman

  2. Thanks for your lovely feedback Bernard 🙂 Blankets of Echeverias under Camellias sounds like a beautiful idea!

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