Keeping a promise….

While holidaying in Vietnam in 2010, I spent a couple of days helping out at the Da Nang Social Support Centre. This centre caters for people that are unable to look after themselves because of bad health, they are too young, or too old, or just too poor.

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Truro, the garden city

 Image RHS, Jim Wileman


Imaginative plantings helped earn the Cornish city of Truro the ‘Champion of Champions’ award in the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) annual Britain in Bloom community gardening competition.

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Hawaii: a paradise for plants

Islands are Nature’s kitchen and the Hawaiian Islands, sitting in splendid isolation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, are the perfect place to see where evolution has cooked up a smorgasbord. When the first humans arrived on the islands around 400 AD there were already thousands of plant and animal creations.

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Comfrey for bones

A fall in the family means I’ve had broken bones on my mind lately. This particular break (my mother’s broken shoulder) is going to need the best medical science has to offer to make it better but in days gone by, people often turned to the garden for a remedy.

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Nature artist

Nature, and all its beauty,  is at the heart of the work of self-taught artist, Murray Ulan. Studies in horticulture and biology have also clearly influenced his sculptural work.


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Winning begonias

Begonia ‘Sweet Spice Bounty Coral’


Begonias came out winners at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS)  annual People’s Choice Awards, an important part of an annual trials program.

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Instant city garden oasis

Garden designer Robert Boyle’s client had dreams of a very private city garden, only to discover the adjoining property, which they had just purchased to create their back-garden oasis, would be overlooked and dominated by a large development on a neighbour’s property.

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