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Begonia ‘Sweet Spice Bounty Coral’


Begonias came out winners at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS)  annual People’s Choice Awards, an important part of an annual trials program.

The winning Begonia ‘Sweet Spice Bounty Coral’ with its pink-frilled petals and lemony aroma captivated garden visitors. Ideal for hanging baskets, the begonia blooms prolifically.


Tagetes patula ‘Alumia Vanilla Cream’ (Alumia Series)


Visitors also voted for their favourite marigold as part of a Europe-wide trial. All 148 entries thrived in the hot, dry summer with the winner – lemon-coloured ‘Alumia Vanilla Cream’ – revealing a preference for unconventional varieties.

Results of the People’s Choice Awards hint at what we might see growing in UK gardens in the coming years.


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