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“…excellent to see an non-biased discussion about the topic” – Jenn

“It is a curly matter, but your research makes me feel a little better about what may occur!” – Bernard

“Thanks for producing such an interesting site for gardeners – it’s always exciting to get the Garden Drum emails with links to news and articles from here and abroad.” – Kathryn

“I’ve been gardening for seven years. I’ve taken several semester-long classes at the local Adult Schools…….But only now… have I finally learned what’s going on in the soil when it comes to drainage. And not just for pots. Now I know how to think about the soil out in the yard too.” – Bruce

“Wow…….did not know any of that. Completely done my head in.” – Eugene

“Such confronting honesty about the guilty truths we all harbour!” – JenniP

“I have read a lot of reviews of this film…. and this is one of the loveliest, most understanding pieces I have read on it. Superb work…” – Simon

“A great description of a difficult-to-grasp concept for the gardener deprived of their garden.” – Jacqui

“This excellent blog with an international flavor is fun to explore because of its many contributors and wide range of garden topics, supported by excellent photography. Where many blogs may show a photograph or two of a particular garden, Garden Drum features up to a dozen, enabling the reader to get a really good sense of scale and design integrity. It is as much fun to navigate as reading a first-class garden magazine.” – Garden Writers Association (USA) judge

GardenDrum is an online gardening magazine and garden blog site that’s original, well-researched, opinionated but balanced, and with thousands of great garden stories in just one place. And that’s thousands of stories written by people who know what they’re talking about, and also know how to write engaging, witty and easy-to-read blogs, that are loaded with luscious photos.

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Finding a good gardening blog or magazine in the www ‘maze’ is very hit and miss. Here at GardenDrum we’ve already separated the wheat from the chaff and gathered together a bunch of professional and talented writers and gardeners from different gardening places all over the world into just one website, so they’re easy to find. Whether they’re media or horticulture professionals, (you can meet them on the Authors page) most of GardenDrum’s writers rarely get to talk about what they do in their own backyards, or what they personally think of a particular plant they’ve grown, tool they’ve used, or garden they’ve visited. But here at GardenDrum, our authors can be themselves, so you get to hear their real voice – and in more ways than one. Listening to podcasts lets you hear the joy and passion, the laughter, or even the frustration of all things gardening.GardenDrum-logo

How it works…..The easiest way to find things is to just start browsing. But if you like being more systematic, stories are listed under 10 categories of plants, gardens, gardening, edibles, garden design, landscaping, materials and tools, pets and wildlife, travel and reviews.

Or you can use the more detailed list of tags, so you can narrow down your preferences.

If you’re looking for specific information: Use GardenDrum’s search function to drill down to exactly what you need. (It’s on the right hand end of the category bar)

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use gardening HELP to get an answer from the gardening and landscaping experts, or for help finding a plant or tool. And that’s anywhere in the world, as I am the best online sleuth and international gardening networker you’ll find!


GardenDrum-logoWhat else is there? There are Snippets of fun bits and pieces for you to enjoy, GardenDrum Galleries to excite your imagination with some luscious photography, GardenDrum News keeping you up-to-date with gardening news from around the world, GardenDrum’s Quiz to challenge and entertain, and you can whiz over to Garden Travels Hub’s What’s On calendar to help you plan your next garden outing or trip. In the Garden Design Center/Centre (depending on your country) you’ll find in-depth articles full of design analysis and ideas for all garden sizes.


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** [Source: Google Analytics March 2020