Adam Gauna

About Adam Gauna

Horticulturist, writer and keen gardener, Adam’s passion for plants started early – he has been growing plants since before he could walk! Adam’s interests lie in vintage tropical plants, heritage gardens and culturally significant plants. Having gardened and retailed plants around the world including Hong Kong, Spain and Cuba, he now splits his time between Darwin and Sydney and retails plants online. You can find his blog at Growing Paradise

How to grow and use pandan

Have you heard of the pandan plant? Chances are if you have eaten a South-East Asian meal you have already tasted it, and perhaps unknowingly savoured it. Referred to flatteringly as “vanilla of the East”, pandan is an essential ingredient in many Asian cuisines. Continue reading

The Hawaiian lei that wasn’t

Every morning at around 9.30am at our beautiful Waikiki hotel, a large white box would arrive and be secreted beside the valet and entry area. I loved this box, as I knew inside were hundreds of fresh dendrobium orchid leis which would be placed around the necks of weary but smiling guests of the hotel. Continue reading