Amellia Hope

About Amellia Hope

Amellia Hope is a professional writer and keen amateur gardener. When she isn't scouring the stock at her local garden centre or nursery, she writes on behalf of various garden centred commercial enterprises.

Transform a garden for entertaining

Huge open floor plans, high ceilings, and abundant natural lighting would be the dream of any interior designer when they walked into a room. It allows for limitless creativity and the ability to adapt any style of interest that could be desired. Those are the specifications that come naturally with most outdoor garden areas and yet many people then choose to furnish and design that area like a 8’x8’ spare room and use a single umbrella centered in that room as the biggest offering of an amenity towards comfort. Continue reading

Landscaping with a purpose

One of the problems with planning our own landscaping is that we do not really plan it. We visit gardens, see the gardens of friends or in the magazines and online, and pick and choose with exclamations of how that would be beautiful in that spot and wouldn’t it be nice to have some of those gorgeous red flowers for over there….. In the end we have a long list of ideas, typically one that would require a garden of 10 acres to hope to fit them all and a budget of a small country to accomplish – and then we settle for picking out a few new plants at the garden center. Continue reading