Andrew Davies

About Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies is a creative person with a vast experience in the landscape industry. He has won awards for several industry and show garden events. Andrew has extensive knowledge of horticulture, construction and the council documentation process. With a background in graphic design combined with years of experience in building and managing landscape projects Andrew is able to offer many creative ideas to his clients. Banksia Design Group.

My challenge, the acceptance, and the Jardin du Bois du Puits

In May this year I contacted my friend and colleague Catherine Stewart with a challenge: find me a garden to visit in the middle of France I said. Or, more precisely,

‘We are catching ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg
Then drive to a rented house near St Malo
Then cross country heading for brother’s place in Monceaux-au-Perch
Via probably Domfront, Alençon that sort of direction.
It’s worth a good red!! I will owe you one’

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Garden makeover for a sense of arrival

I was contacted by some new clients who were frustrated that they could not sell their lovely home in Sydney’s leafy upper North Shore, an area known for its majestic trees, large block sizes and high-value houses. Their house stood among iconic trees for this elevated coastal district, such as dawn redwood (Metasequoia), Sydney blue gums (Eucalyptus saligna), large Deodar cedar trees (Cedrus deodara), and flowering crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia). Continue reading