Andy Sturgeon

About Andy Sturgeon

Andy Sturgeon Dip (Landscape) FSGD, founded his practice in 1988 He is one of the UK’s leading garden designers whose striking modern designs rely on natural materials and innovative planting. The winner of six gold medals at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and Best in Show 2010, he regularly appears on TV and writes for numerous national newspapers and magazines. His practice creates bold, architectural and timeless landscapes around the world. Andy is a Registered Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers and a BALI registered designer. Andy Sturgeon - landscape and garden design

Camellias that could be just your cup of tea

There’s always been something almost mystical about camellias which makes people fall under their spell. And, like rhododendron and Japanese maple lovers; enthusiasts go all starry-eyed and wistful at the very mention of their name. Perhaps it’s their exotic Far East pedigree that captivates hearts, but originating in a corner of the world loosely strung out between Nepal, Vietnam, Japan and Korea – they grow in a very unglamorous climate. With Britain’s four distinct seasons – much the same as large chunks of Europe – they suffer sun, rain and snow, much as we do, and that is why they are so perfectly at home here. Continue reading

Creating a ‘new’ early 20th century garden

Choosing the right plants for the style of your house can be fairly straightforward but get it wrong and some plants will look quite out of place. For many people the Edwardian era of the early twentieth century is the pinnacle of British gardening, but it has never really gone away because often without realising it we are still using Edwardian plants and ideas in our gardens all the time. Continue reading

Green with acid envy

If the ‘grass is greener’ on the other side for you, then in the UK that soil is undoubtedly acidic. For some reason there’s an unwritten law that states that if you garden on a chalky soil you will want to grow ericaceous plants like azaleas and rhododendrons. The truth of the matter is that making an alkaline soil acidic is nigh on impossible and quite frankly not worth the bother. I’ve known people to move house on account of it, although if you really are fussed then a raised bed is quite a practical solution. Continue reading