Anne King

About Anne King

An avid garden visitor, Anne is passionate about new gardens being appropriate to their time and place. Her interest in design stems from her training as an architect and is coupled with a hands-on practical approach honed while managing the family farm in South Gippsland for many years. Now retired and living near Ballarat with husband Berry, they both enjoy travelling and thinking up new creative projects in sculpture and silver jewellery making.

How to maintain ornamental grasses

It’s July in our garden in Scotsburn, near Ballarat in Victoria and it’s time to attack and cut down all the decorative grasses, including lots of Miscanthus and a big swathe of Pennisetum around the front on the embankment. Over the years we worked out the fastest and easiest way to cut them back. Continue reading

Back Lake: opening our young, rural garden

Our extensive young rural garden at the foot of Mount Boninyong, near Ballarat in Victoria, reflects its time and place. We are both retired architects and farmers, and had rare good luck in finding this special property, then being able to design house and surrounding landscaping as one project to produce a cohesive whole. We bought it in 2006, moved to the area from South Gippsland in 2008, and into the new rammed earth house in March 2010. Continue reading