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About Australian Plants Society NSW

The Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd is a non-profit, independent, incorporated community organisation with members in NSW and overseas. Enjoy Australian native plants with over 20 friendly groups across NSW. Through the accumulated knowledge and widespread interests of its members, the Australian Plants Society NSW has become a leading source of information on many aspects of Australian plants. The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia), known as ANPSA, is the federal body to which each state society is affiliated.

Trickery, mimicry and deceit of orchids in the wild

Most gardeners will be familiar with the exotic Cymbidium and Phalanopsis orchids or maybe the native Dendrobium. However, the orchids which fascinate me are the tiny terrestrial orchids which can be found growing in the wild in the eastern and southern states of Australia. When I look at them closely through the macro lens of my camera, I really start to see the amazing details in their 
flowers. Continue reading

Garden Delights of Bayview Heights

Nancy and Ted Shaw moved into an existing house in Bayview Heights in 2001 and have transformed their 0.4-hectare (1-acre) triangular corner block into a horticultural mosaic of garden types. The apex of this triangle sits up the hill behind the renovated house, visually holding the cascade of steep slopes that yield at the front to Pittwater views through the neighbouring trees. Continue reading

Amazing greys

I feel confident anyone reading this would agree that gardeners have a better insight than most into changing weather patterns. Whatever the reason, the hot days seem to be getting hotter and the cold days colder but it’s usually the former that presents the greater challenges in selecting the right plant for the hot spot.
Enter stage right our wonderful grey-foliaged native plants. Continue reading

Growing native ferns in a shaded garden

Our garden is located on the south side of a steep hill overlooking the Woronora River at Bonnet Bay, just south of Sydney. When we bought the land, it was a beautiful, relatively undisturbed bush block, with wonderful stands of macrozamia cycads and gum trees. We wanted minimum disturbance to the natural vegetation during the building, however we did not anticipate that the bulldozer driver, who cleared a space for our home, did not have the same appreciation for the natural vegetation as we did. Continue reading