Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

About Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Bonnie-Marie is a qualified and avid horticulturist, collecting all sorts of plants in her spare time. She was apprentice of the year in 2012 awarded by the NGIV and has appeared on 3AW’s Big Backyard radio program, in television advertisements. Bonnie-Marie is a published writer and photographer for garden magazines. She is the author of The Gardener’s Notebook blog where she shares gardening tips, tricks and easy to do garden DIYs. She loves being able to share her knowledge with people and enjoys encouraging people to get out into the garden. You can follow her on her Gardener’s Notebook blog and her Instagram page

Bringing the outdoors in: why you need plants inside too

Indoor plants have become a fast growing trend for many good reasons. However, with so many different plant species available it can be a bit intimidating for the first-timer or even experienced gardeners to know what plants are best suited for the home. I purchased my first indoor plant two years ago and I’ve never looked back! Indoor plants have become a whole new obsession of mine. Continue reading