Carlo Gabriele

About Carlo Gabriele

Carlo Gabriele is a landscape designer from Milan, Italy, with formal qualifications in Agronomy and Landscape Design. After completing his schooling he worked with notable Italian designer Niccolo Grassi on many high profile projects within Italy and abroad which have received a lot of media attention in Marie Claire, Maison, Elle Decoration, Vanity Fair, Gardenia and Home Beautiful. In 2010 Carlo started his own design firm, Carlo Gabriele Architettura dei Giardini, designing outdoor spaces from tiny intimate courtyards to entire city parks. He has also designed striking outdoor furniture and exquisite pots; the latter have been produced and sold by the Italian company Laboratorio San Rocco. Most recently Carlo moved to Melbourne Australia where he has established his design company Carlo Gabriele Gardens.

Let me show you my Italy this October

Are you planning to visit Italy this October but you want to see something different? Would you like to visit some unique gardens guided by an expert? Would you like a local guide that shows you places that only Italians know? If your answer is ‘YES!’ you should join me for the garden tour of Naples, Sicily and Sardinia. Continue reading

How to design an interesting and elegant symmetrical garden

Symmetry in a garden design can look perfect and is easy to achieve. But the downside is that symmetry can also look boring and predictable. However there is a secret, used by all great garden designers that’s the basis of designing a breathtakingly beautiful symmetrical garden that will not ever make you bored, and now I’m going to explore it with you. Continue reading

On gardens, colours…and love

I don’t want to give you the idea that I am a philosopher, but my personal growth is strictly connected with my professional growth. What I learn in my job always has a reflection in my spiritual life. Since I moved to Australia, I have wanted to change the way I have always designed gardens and at the same time my point of view on life. Continue reading

I am going to tell you a secret

When I am in pain, I need to spend time in the garden because the plants often help me find a solution or a different perspective. That’s why a couple of weeks ago I decided to go and visit the Lambley nursery, looking for silence and inspiration. Continue reading

Sa Pedra Arrubia: Maurizio Usai’s garden

Sometimes I just need to take a quick look at a garden to understand the personality of its owner. I don’t think it’s because I am particularly intuitive; it’s more that for some gardens the aim of the design is so clear and easy to interpret. This is what happened when I visited the garden of Maurizio Usai.
Maurizio is a landscape designer who I admire greatly, Continue reading

Whisper of stars: Daniel Spoerri garden

Margherita, I would like to visit something really special before I will go back to Melbourne. Can you help me?” My friend Margherita has spent her life writing about gardens, plants and parks in the Italian magazine ‘Gardenia’. She also founded the Italian Botanical Heritage, an association that gathers well-known Italian gardens and hidden treasures like nurseries, parks and woods, providing specialised itineraries. She knows me, and she knows that I love when art is blended with landscape. Where sculpture meets the garden. Typically Italian, sorry! Continue reading

Latin Influences at Melbourne garden show

It’s been almost 2 years since I first met Don Thomson, the Principal of Gardenridge Pty Ltd, and that chance meeting changed my life. I remember Don was having a holiday in Italy back in 2013 and I was in Sardinia, my birthplace. I had decided some time before this that I wanted to work in Australia as a landscape designer and I was busily sending my resume to relevant Australian landscape firms and Gardenridge was on top of my list. Don was actually commuting on a train from Milan to Rome when he received my presentation and he responded quickly. We organised to meet at his hotel in Rome not long after this. Continue reading