Carmel Niland

About Carmel Niland

Carmel Niland began her career as teacher in Sydney, Australia and in Ithaca, NY. After working for nearly forty years for the NSW Government as a CEO and leading agencies on gender and racial equality, human rights and child protection, Carmel took gardening leave and began writing. She is married to John and they have two children, and while they live in Sydney, they garden at Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains. Carmel is President of the Iris Society of Australia.

Every garden is about love

Every garden is about love and it is not until you look at it through someone else’s eyes that you realise what you love about it.

As gardeners, John and I love drifts of colour softened by white that spread throughout every season. We love undulating shapes punctuated by exclamation points and rounded full stops. We love dry stone walls so much that there are now over a kilometre of craftsman built walls that curve through our one and a half acres. Continue reading