Claire Jones

About Claire Jones

I am a 'down to earth' gardener in Maryland, with perpetually dirty fingernails. I own a whole wardrobe of well worn and comfortable gardening duds and I am a sucker for gardening gadgets galore! I love to blog about the gardening world, its fads and trends and have personally killed most plants at least once. I am a garden designer by profession (see Claire Jones Landscapes) but there is no rhyme or reason to my own garden. If I want a plant, I buy and stick it somewhere just because I 'need' it! Gardening is my passion and I find it leads you to other interests, such as cooking, entertaining, decorating, and flower arranging. You can also follow my blog at The Garden Diaries.

How to layout, cut & install a paved labyrinth

After designing the paved labyrinth, the next step is to prepare a level area and then there is the all important very accurate cutting of the stones and correctly laying out the pattern. After locating all utilities and getting necessary covenant permission, we were ready to go. First up was removing all plant material and grading of the site with heavy equipment. It was necessary to level a space large enough for the labyrinth to be placed and a retaining wall to be built into the hillside. Continue reading

How to design a paved labyrinth

Sometimes as a designer, a dream job drops into your lap! That happened recently with creating a labyrinth space for a client. I have always wanted to install a labyrinth and had designed one for a previous client but because of cost, the job fell through. For that client, I went on to do a fabulous installation of waterfalls, ponds, and terraces, but the labyrinth was not to be. Here finally, was my chance to design and install a labyrinth! Continue reading