David Glenn

About David Glenn

David Glenn, the owner of Lambley Nursery, has been a passionate gardener and nurseryman for most of his seventy years. He gardens with his wife, artist Criss Canning. The garden at Lambley is open to visitors every day of the year.

Jim Archibald, seed collector

Jim and Jenny Archibald were, to my mind, the most important seed collectors of the last decades of the 20th century and the first ten years of this one. From their base and garden in Wales they set out every year to collect seed from such places as the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, southern Europe, Turkey, Iran, South America, the USA and Central Asia. Continue reading

Winter flowering Iris unguicularis

There can hardly be a more useful, more obliging perennial than the winter flowering Iris unguicularis which starts to bloom in May and carries on its display well into September. The clone most commonly found in gardens is known throughout the horticultural world as The Algerian Iris. Continue reading

Favourite autumn flowering salvias

Dennis Norgate grew the Prairie Sage, Salvia azurea, for decades when he ran his justly renowned Norgates Plant Farm just outside Trentham in the central highlands of Victoria. I got it off him more than forty years ago and have always found a spot for it in the garden, sometimes planting large patches sometimes just the odd plant. Continue reading