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About Denise Ginger

I took a certificate in horticulture from UCLA Extension’s two-year program in the early ’90s but do not work in the horticulture industry. My blog, A Growing Obsession, is the perfect distraction from my day job, which requires long hours at a computer in a home office that looks out — you guessed it — on the garden. Obsessiveness aside, I don’t baby plants. If a plant looks happy under my care in these blog photos, consider it growable by anyone in similar growing conditions: coastal Zone 10-11, no winter chill (which rules out quite a few classic garden perennials), amended clay. No synthetic fertilizers. With few exceptions (summer tropicals), I lean toward drought-tolerant plants.

Jud’s amazing agave & succulent garden

I have the Long Beach Marathon to thank for finding this garden. No, I didn’t run the marathon, more like actively avoided it. The marathon barricades cut off much of my end of Long Beach, so trying to get a few errands done was a circuitous challenge. I ended up in neighborhoods I don’t often see, such as the one where this front garden fills a corner lot. I vowed to return. Last night, I found it again, even though I had misremembered the street name. Who needs street names with a garden like this? I bet locals use it for reference: “Hang a right at Little Lotusland…” Continue reading