Diana Snape

About Diana Snape

Diana is the author of three books, Australian Native Gardens: putting visions into practice, The Australian Garden: designing with Australian plants and a third on chemistry. She has also written many articles for 'The Age', plus magazines and journals, and has a strong interest in art and design. Diana has always been a keen gardener and joined the Australian Plant Society soon after it started. The garden belonging to Diana and her husband Brian has been featured in books and was in the Australian Open Garden Scheme five times. On the final occasion, it attracted approximately 1,000 visitors over one weekend.

Garden design with graceful grasses and strap-leaved plants

I recently attended a workshop on grasses and other monocotyledons, held by the Friends of RBG Cranbourne. We were ably led by experts through the details of classification of grasses (Graeme Lorimer), then other monocots (Neville Walsh). However, I am certainly not going to write about taxonomy. Two other speakers in particular touched on aspects more related to garden design and I have added further thoughts of my own.

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