Dr Jenny Stewart

About Dr Jenny Stewart

Dr Jenny Stewart is Professor of Public Policy in the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. Jenny researches, teaches and writes in the fields of policy analysis, management and public sector reform. Following her retirement in 2013, she is now a Visiting Fellow in the School of Business and also a keen Canberra gardener.

Book review: Australian Plants for Canberra Region Gardens

It was all very well for the local plant nazi to decree that we should use only Australian natives in our Canberra garden. As all those who have tried it know, the challenges of succeeding with this policy are considerable. Natives, even those endemic to a given area, are not necessarily more robust than exotics. On top of that, Canberra has cold winters by Australian standards, the soils are often heavy, and with coolish nights, the diurnal temperature variation in summer can be up to 30 degrees. Continue reading