Fiona Eadie

About Fiona Eadie

Fiona Eadie grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand and has a BSc in Botany from Otago University. She first spent four years in Auckland undertaking native forest research with the Forest Service and then DOC, then a few years managing a delicatessen and eleven years managing the famous Oratia Native Plant Nursery. In 2001 Fiona headed back to her beloved South Island and Dunedin, and for the past 12 years has been head gardener at Larnach Castle, with its internationally renowned gardens. She also teaches horticultural apprentices throughout New Zealand and has a regular column in Commercial Horticulture magazine, where she teaches readers about the wonders of plants, plus a gardening slot on on Radio Live. As she says, "I love plants, and within plants, my largest passion is with New Zealand natives."

How leaf and stem cuticles work

Sometimes life is so busy that it is hard to see, well, ‘the wood for the trees’. A good case in point is that microscopic waxy outer layer of the herbaceous parts of plants called the cuticle – so easily missed and, for so long, suffering all the assumptions that have been made about it. Continue reading

Crazy about cristation and fasciation

Cristation, cresting or fasciation is an accident of nature that occurs in either vegetative or flowering buds, the former bearing new stems and leaves and the latter, well, flowers. This may seem quite obvious to most of you, but I must say that I am surprised how many of my horticulture students are not aware of this small fact. To confuse matters you can get mixed buds, but inside each of these will be smaller flowering and vegetative buds. Continue reading