Fiona Ogilvie

About Fiona Ogilvie

Best known for her widely-read weekly gardening column in The Land, Fiona has been making a garden for many years on her and her husband Bill’s farm near Bathurst. Fiona’s wide range of interests encompasses history and travel, and her love of plants has recently broadened to include tropical plants and gardens. She loves Sri Lanka for its friendly people, extraordinary multicultural heritage, stunning scenery and rich and diverse native flora. This will be Fiona’s second garden tour to Sri Lanka for Renaissance Tours.

Tour Sri Lanka: a piece of serendipity

Sri Lanka was never on my list of gardening destinations. A tiny island off the south east coast of India, the former British colony of Ceylon, it was associated in my mind with cricket and tea but never gardening. Then when I had been working as a Tour Leader for Renaissance Tours for a few years, a friend, John Ekin, persuaded me to consider a tour to Sri Lanka. His great grandfather helped design the harbour at Colombo and John has loved the island for many years, knows it well and has many friends there. Continue reading