Gillian Ward

About Gillian Ward

A member of the Hobart botanical artists group Botaniko, Gillian Ward is a reference librarian, researcher, artist, photographer and graphic designer. Gillian worked for many years at the University of Tasmania Library as a librarian and exhibition curator. While there, she curated a beautiful selection of botanical paintings by Olive Pink entitled ‘Miss Pink’s Wildflowers’, which was drawn from a large collection of Olive Pink’s paintings held at the library. This exhibition inspired Gillian’s ongoing research on Olive Pink’s life and was the impetus for her book Olive PInk: Artist, Activist & Gardener. Gillian lives in Hobart, Tasmania, only 800 metres from where Olive Pink grew up. She has a keen interest in history, gardens, plants and gardening and is a member of the Australian Garden History Society and the Tasmanian Historical Research Association. Gillian has a BA (UTAS), a BFA (UTAS) and a Grad Dip Lib (UTAS).

Olive Pink: A life in flowers

“Neither Art nor Science are very materially remunerative professions but very soul-satisfying both.”  OLIVE PINK TO WILLIAM CROWTHER, 1935.  A fiercely independent woman ahead of her time, Olive Pink is best known for her staunch support of the Aboriginal People of Central Australia, which is illustrated in this edited extract of the book Olive Pink: Artist, Activist and Gardener

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