Holly Parsons

About Holly Parsons

Holly is the Program Manager at Birds in Backyards. She has always had an interest in birds and ecology which led her to the field of avian urban ecology at University and then on to the environmental education field by managing Birds in Backyards. Here she is still involved in scientific research projects as well as with the invaluable database of surveys Birds in Backyards members contribute. She also gets to use birds as a way of communicating the importance of biodiversity to the broader community.

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Whether bright, bold and inquisitive, or delicate and shy, birds have a way of capturing our minds and our hearts. The importance of birds and a connection to nature to our quality of life cannot be underestimated. Just sitting and watching a group of fairy-wrens flit through your garden can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. As a society we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the environment, and at a time when understanding complex environmental issues is paramount, caring about nature is vital. Continue reading