Janelle Hatherly

About Janelle Hatherly

Janelle Hatherly is Managing Editor of BGANZ’s professional e-magazine The Botanic Garden(er) bganz.org.au and creator and co-presenter of Galleries and Gardens, a fortnightly program of news and views from the world of art and public gardens, on 2RPH Radio for the Print Handicapped Janelle has a background in science teaching and over 30 years experience developing public programs and exhibitions in four Australian museums and botanic gardens. Passionate about facilitating public understanding of our natural world and cultural heritage Janelle gives presentations and has written articles and factsheets, popular science and school text books and panels for exhibitions.

A road trip with a botanical garden difference

Like so many other baby boomers, my husband Peter and I love to travel. We enjoy experiencing other cultures and are particularly attracted to remote places with wide open spaces where people are few and the countryside reveals its natural beauty. Peter, a geophysicist, is seriously into rocks and I am seriously into plants. We both like animals, but unlike plants and rocks, they rarely stand still so getting a good look at them on a road trip is often more frustrating than satisfying! Continue reading

What is a botanic garden?

Welcome to the first of many articles by BGANZ members. BGANZ stands for The Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc, the professional body representing the interests of botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand. In this and future issues, we’ll showcase botanic gardens from ‘the inside looking out’ and highlight features that make botanic gardens stand apart from other public green spaces. Continue reading