Janelle Hatherly

About Janelle Hatherly

Janelle Hatherly is a retired museum and botanic gardens educator and editor and an emerging portrait artist. She is creator and co-presenter of Galleries and Gardens, a fortnightly program of news and views from the world of art and public gardens, on 2RPH Radio for the Print Handicapped and is the current President of the North Shore Orchid Society.

Hawaii: a paradise for plants

Islands are Nature’s kitchen and the Hawaiian Islands, sitting in splendid isolation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, are the perfect place to see where evolution has cooked up a smorgasbord. When the first humans arrived on the islands around 400 AD there were already thousands of plant and animal creations.

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Hawaii: from lava fields to lush forests

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a volcanic hot spot, the Hawaiian Islands are engine rooms of geological evolution and a plant lover’s paradise. But there is little overt celebration of these natural wonders, which primarily serve as backdrops to a tropical paradise holiday or, in our case, a transpacific wedding.

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DIY botanical touring in Oman

Over the years I have turned into a botanical ‘twitcher’.  Like avid birdwatchers, I am forever keen to expand the number of (plant) species I encounter and can identify ‘in the wild’. This is Part Two of my focus on Oman’s botanical heritage. Until Oman’s rich botanical heritage is showcased at the Oman Botanic Gardens (still a few years away I suspect) I recommend a ‘do-it-yourself’ visit to Oman. Continue reading

A road trip with a botanical garden difference

Like so many other baby boomers, my husband Peter and I love to travel. We enjoy experiencing other cultures and are particularly attracted to remote places with wide open spaces where people are few and the countryside reveals its natural beauty. Peter, a geophysicist, is seriously into rocks and I am seriously into plants. We both like animals, but unlike plants and rocks, they rarely stand still so getting a good look at them on a road trip is often more frustrating than satisfying! Continue reading

What is a botanic garden?

Welcome to the first of many articles by BGANZ members. BGANZ stands for The Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc, the professional body representing the interests of botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand. In this and future issues, we’ll showcase botanic gardens from ‘the inside looking out’ and highlight features that make botanic gardens stand apart from other public green spaces. Continue reading