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I garden just like I want to eat cake - obsessively, compulsively and frequently. My garden in Lincolnshire, UK, has opened under the ‘National Garden Scheme’ and although I do possess an RHS qualification, my real qualifications are over 30 years of trial and error out there in the rain, the snow … yes ,and even the dark! When I am not actually gardening I am writing about it , or eating cake ! You can follow my blog at Hoe Hoe Grow


Primula auricula: plant Marmite

It’s true! Auriculas are the Marmite of the plant kingdom as, for every gardener who adores them, there will another one who cannot stand them. For every one person who collects every Auricula they can lay their hands on, there will be another person avoiding them like the plague. So why is it that a plant can divide opinions to such an extent? It is perhaps more complex than it initially seems. Continue reading

How to grow ferns from spores

Ferns can be the unsung heroes of the garden, given little credit for gracefully filling those awkward corners where little else will grow. Usually hardy, and sometimes evergreen, they have an important role in creating the backbone of the garden planting. They are easily outshone by more colourful and spectacular plants, but few have the same long lasting value as a fern, which will still be there, unchanged, when the dahlias and daturas have stopped flowering. Continue reading

A very English institution

Quirky, eccentric, eclectic and … oh so very English! Most cities and towns in the UK have allotments – strips of land which can be rented at a reasonable cost by interested gardeners. It is a fascinating microcosm, unlike anything else. A world of recycling and upcycling, low cost gardening, and ingenious solutions to knotty problems!

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Review: a solar-powered fountain

It felt as if something was missing from our ornamental pond, and after ‘pond-ering’ for a while, I decided that a water feature was needed to make it complete. A fountain, to be precise! I wanted one to add an additional aspect to the pond, to provide light-filled, moving water as well as static. I always love to see fountains when I visit other gardens, and appreciate the way they create an interesting vertical dimension. Continue reading

A rose by any name at all…

Labelling – it should be part of every greenhouse gardener’s routine. All plants should have their own label which is clear, correct and dated. In my head, I do all that. In reality, it is very different, and my greenhouse can be a bizarre place as far as labels are concerned. For instance, there are lots of labels like this  ↘

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