Jennie Churchill

About Jennie Churchill

A veterinarian and a gardener, Jennie Churchill has always been passionate about flora and fauna. In her gardening career she is best known as a presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia, co-author and co-photographer of two books on Edna Walling and most recently, as Editor and co-author of The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney: The First 200 Years. Jennie lived in Kiloren, an Edna Walling-designed garden on the southern tablelands of NSW for more than three decades.

Take the ancient Silk Road to a 2,500-year old garden

Nowhere but Iran can you walk among the ruins of a garden created more than 2,500 years ago. Nowhere else on earth can you find an entire suite of nine UNESCO World Heritage Persian Gardens. And nowhere else has one guiding principle of garden design not only persisted for more than two millennia, but also inspired and influenced the creation of the Mughal and other great gardens of the world. Continue reading

Living with Edna Walling – at Kiloren

How relevant is Edna Walling today? Have her design philosophies delivered all she espoused, or have her followers moved on? Thirty-four years of living in Kiloren, a 1951 Walling-designed garden in Crookwell, on the Southern Tablelands of NSW, probably gives us a little edge in responding to this vexing question. I say vexing because, when we purchased our beloved garden in 1982, everyone (even on the edge of gardening circles) knew of Edna: ‘You live in an Edna Walling garden? How wonderful!’. Continue reading