Kate Wall

About Kate Wall

Kate has gardened since she was a child. Gardening as a profession came almost by accident - after volunteering to rescue flooded gardens and working in over 100 gardens, she felt her trial by flood had directed her to her true calling, and she has gardened professionally ever since. Kate is primary care giver to approximately 20 gardens concurrently (including her own), in addition to consulting, garden makeovers and creating new gardens. She lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland, and is passionate about gardening to suit our sub-tropical climate.

Why we need more gardeners

If you are reading this you are probably a gardener, or at least interested in gardening. Good on you, we need more people like you! Gardeners are pretty good people, sure, but that’s not why we need more of you. Gardeners are more likely to be environmentally aware and make sustainable lifestyle choices thus helping to care for our planet. Continue reading

A hailstorm one year on – how do you recover?

We are hearing more and more that climate change is likely to lead to more severe storms, so cleaning up a garden after a big hailstorm is something we are probably all going to need to do at some stage, and many of us may already have had to do so. Major hailstorms occur around much of Australia and much of the world, with one storm in Sydney in 1999 resulting in the state government declaring a state of emergency. Continue reading

More flowers, please

I want to tell you something about a very ordinary little garden. At ground level it is mainly a mess of weeds, but standing tall and proud amongst these weeds is an abundance of flowers. Again, nothing particularly special. Nasturiums in winter, orange cosmos in summer, together with red geraniums, orange crucifix orchids, pale peach gladioli and the brilliant purple shock of tibouchina. Continue reading

How to rescue and restore a flooded garden

Five years ago, my own garden was waterlogged but not flooded. All around me was flooded. A lovely garden at the end of my street had gone from a delight to a muddy mess. This was my inspiration to do something. I set up a volunteer group and got to helping “floodies” restore their gardens. Assisted by another lady that I met at the local school (which had turned into a temporary flood recovery centre), we co-ordinated volunteer workers, donations of plants, fertiliser, mulch and gardening equipment and got busy. Continue reading