Kath Bafile

About Kath Bafile

After starting her career as a teacher, Kath Bafile began a herb and vegetable production nursery in WA growing the Herbaceous and Potted Wok plant ranges. She soon became known as "The Herb Lady" which always made her think that it was good that she didn't sell manure. In recent years she has combined her knowledge of children and gardening to create a seedling range and website designed especially for kids called Smarty Plants. Kath is also a garden speaker and writer with regular stories in Gardening Australia and online websites.

The hunt for red wreath flowers…a WA treasure

The roads around Western Australia are lit up in August with the dazzling colours of the wildflowers so it’s no surprise that travellers are drawn from all over the country to see some of the most unique flora in the world. I’m a typical West Aussie who tends just to pop up to Kings Park in spring to take a look at the spectacular display gardens laden with wildflowers but this year, with the news that the season was better than ever, I felt the urge to head north to hunt for the elusive wreath flower, Leschenaultia macrantha. Continue reading

How to grow kids that garden

Not all kids want to run around an oval or chase a footy all over the field but all kids need to be active, especially when statistics show that kids spend, on average, over two hours a day in front of a screen*. The good news is that gardening is a fun and easy way to get kids moving and since thirty minutes of gardening burns a similar amount of energy as thirty minutes of moderate walking, it’s a very effective form of exercise. Continue reading