Kristian Buziol

About Kristian Buziol

Kristian Buziol is an Italian garden designer with a wide botanical knowledge gained through professional travels abroad, collaborations with landscapers of international fame and endless correspondences with Nature. Buziol’s gardens are an embrace of nature and culture, filled with perennial plants, because they always return. Gray textures play games with light; scents change with the seasons; and white blooms make the garden glow after dark. Buziol has a passion for sharing ideas with other professionals, working with designers and landscapers like Paolo Pejrone, Alex Shigo, Ippolito Pizzetti, and also with Luciano Giubbilei in the Martini Award for Landscape, organized by Great Italian Gardens, establishing a strong relationship that continues in new projects throughout Italy. He has also worked with Kent Gordon England in California. Kristian Buziol