Louise McDaid

About Louise McDaid

I’m a landscape designer and enjoy working with most anything botanical in nature. Based in Sydney Australia, I am also editor of Landscape Outlook, journal of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) and write on gardens and their design. I have been guest editor of GardenDrum while Catherine escaped for an overdue and well-earned holiday.

Eucalypts in Rwanda!

Eucalypt plantation in Rwanda

Did you know that mountain gorillas eat eucalypt leaves? I still get excited when I see eucalypts anywhere outside Australia. This eucalypt plantation near Volcans National Park Rwanda, is the home of the mountain gorilla. Continue reading

Gardens in Hong Kong: Nan Lian Garden

In Hong Kong recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find some charming green refuges amongst the cheek-by-jowl skyscrapers and chaotic mass of shoppers. It’s a fast-paced exciting city for many reasons, gardens aren’t one of them. But for anyone wanting respite from the shopping frenzy or who, like me, would rather salivate over botanic pleasures than the latest Gucci handbag, it offers some tempting garden delights. Continue reading

Merry Garth at Mt Wilson

Mt Wilson in autumn is a splendid place. Located in the Blue Mountains area of NSW, it is within reach for a day trip from Sydney (although who can resist a stopover somewhere in the mountains). It’s a spellbinding enclave of horticultural enterprise, the effect heightened by the surrounding contrast of magnificent natural bushland and rainforest. Continue reading