Mackenzie Kupfer

About Mackenzie Kupfer

Mackenzie Kupfer is an aspiring writer and gardener in Boise, Idaho, USA. She began gardening when she was seven years old with her Nana in the Shenandoah River Valley, Virginia. Having been raised on the lush east coast, it’s been challenging (but fun!) to transition into the dryer climates of the western US. She’s passionate about the active gardening lifestyle, conservation, design, and the delicious veggies she grows. She currently writes for fire pit supplier, Avant Garden Décor.

Challenging long-held garden beliefs

When I first reached out to Catherine about writing for GardenDrum, she asked if I could show her some of my writing. I sent her a couple of articles and, thankfully, she thought they were alright. She did point out, however, that I had previously written about avoiding synthetic fertilizers and that I hadn’t given any compelling reason to do so. She suggested that I could reassess why it was that I was preaching not to use them if I didn’t have any evidence to back it up. Continue reading