Marcus Harvey

About Marcus Harvey

Marcus Harvey is a well known Australian plant hunter, traveller and nurseryman. He holds extensive and important collections of a range of cool climate bulbs, including, crocus, fritillaria, cyclamen, calochortus and galanthus. He has travelled extensively in Greece and Turkey and the Balkans to view many of his subjects in the wild and has presented these journeys to audiences around the country. His nursery, Hill View Rare Plants is widely regarded as one of the very best of its kind and is often the “go to” site for the rarest of the rare.

Crocus for autumn, winter and spring

I think it was one of my favourite gardening writers, Hugh Johnston, who jokingly wrote that bulbs were surely invented by an industrial designer. For if one considers their exquisite functional shape and the sheer convenience of transporting and handling them … basically they have their own inbuilt packaging. The very neatness of this idea points to the work of some backroom genius. Continue reading

Western Australia’s new plant import fees

Recent events in Western Australia should have all of us gardeners quaking in our boots. Since the first of July this year a $56 inspection fee will be imposed on home gardeners each and every time they purchase small numbers of certified plants or seeds through mail order suppliers from interstate. Continue reading