Mark Sheahan

About Mark Sheahan

Mark is a native plant enthusiast with an interest in smaller plants (others may say 'cottage garden natives') that can be shaped and pruned, and also banksias and grafted grevilleas. Most of his gardening has been in heavy clay soils in dry cold climates (challenge!) but he now finds himself on the north coast of New South Wales, gardening frost free on damp sands!

How to kangaroo-proof your garden

When I bought my block on top of the Lake George escarpment near Bungendore, NSW, in 2007, a friend said “you’ll never grow a garden here!” He had a point – too cold, too hot, too windy, too dry … and then there’s that ‘Bywong clay’. And, as it turned out, there was also more than a handful of kangaroos.  Continue reading