Mark Vowles

About Mark Vowles

Mark Vowles is a landscape designer and horticulturist based in Freshwater, on the north side of Cairns in Queensland's Wet Tropics. His own garden at 'Tabu' has been featured on TV and magazines and is also now a popular garden stay B&B. Mark works on both residential and commercial design projects throughout the tropics.

Lingering scent: fragrant plants in our tropical garden

The evening ambiance was typical for late October in the The Wet Tropics of Northern Australia . There had been a light rainshower earlier which left the garden with a dewy presence. The pathways and adjacent bitumen road were steaming with that spirit-like mist that wafts around languidly. The atmosphere was now warm and moisture laden. A perfect vector for the perfumery of the Tropical Garden. Continue reading

Aglaonema, the Tropic’s luckiest plant

I’m not superstitious by any means but there are many who will adopt curious strategies in an endeavour to improve their luck. Mind you, good fortune is always welcome so I guess embracing the odd cultural idiosyncrasy couldn’t hurt. Aglaonema or the ‘Lucky Plant’ has for centuries been cultivated in China and other Asian countries as an indoor ornamental foliage plant and considered a bringer of fortune. Continue reading