Marcelle Nankervis

About Marcelle Nankervis

Garden journalist, author of Plants for Australian Dry Gardens and Smart Gardening – grow your own fruit and vegetables, contributor to many garden magazines. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

How to grow galangal

If you’re like me and just can’t get enough Thai inspired cuisine at home, it’s time you considered growing more Asian herbs in your garden. Lots of people now grow coriander, Thai basil and chilli as a garden staple, but it’s time to consider another essential Asian herb – galangal (Alpinia galanga). Continue reading

Vegie massacre at Moorooduc

On a day, not unlike any other, I ventured into the vegie garden to pick fresh produce for lunch, only to discover a massacre! Broad beans cut off in their prime, cabbages completely decapitated, and lettuces with severed leaves strewn among the few plants that were remarkably unscathed. What could have done this senseless violence? Continue reading

Frosty morning

Frost damage on ornamentals is bad, frost damage on vegetables is devastating. Last week’s frosts were so severe that icicles had formed on the timber surrounding each of my vegetable beds, and the edges of most plants were frilled with icy crystals. Continue reading

Corkscrew carrots

Never heard of corkscrew carrots? Really? Well just take a look at the carrots I’ve been growing lately. Of course they are nothing special; they are actually the result of some bad advice … and who hasn’t had that at one time or another. Continue reading

Yummy autumn raspberries

I planted raspberries in early spring and picked my first berry about a month ago. Since then the supply has steadily increased, more than I ever imagined, especially as they were labelled ‘Autumn Fruiting Raspberries’ … maybe we will get another harvest then too? Continue reading

The perpetual salad

I love fresh salad and lettuces, but no matter how many bags of ready to eat mixed leaves, crispy icebergs or cos lettuce hearts I buy, I inevitably end up eating some, while the rest to turn to slime in the crisper. I loathe wasting anything (even though slimy lettuce will still be passed on to one of our many scrap eating animals or the compost). Continue reading