Olivia Thwaites

About Olivia Thwaites

Green Hip was created out of the sheer need for great quality, comfortable and stylish workwear designed for women. After many years of wearing work clothes that didn't fit properly and were, to be honest, just unattractive, we decided to do something about it. And so, in 2010 Green Hip was launched; workwear for women, designed by women! Our focus was to create super comfy, stylish workwear that is still highly functional and meets all workplace requirements.

Hip workwear for hard working women

Growing up on a farm in the Otway Ranges Victoria, I knew I wanted to work outdoors. After a stint of helping mum in her gorgeous garden and doing a year 10 horticulture project designing a friend’s garden and growing the plants, I was hooked. I applied for uni but also for a gardening apprenticeship. It was exciting working as a gardener in inner city Melbourne and it seemed a way better option than studying at university. I’m a hands-on person and learn best on the job and not in the classroom, so an apprenticeship made perfect sense to me and I deferred my course, never to look back. Continue reading