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About Phil Dudman

Subtropical gardener Phil Dudman is a presenter on gardening talk-back radio, author of Down-to-earth Garden Design, co-presenter of garden2kitchen, and convenor of Landshare Australia. North Coast, NSW. You can also follow Phil on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

Plants, memories & responsibilities

Lately I’ve been thinking how delightful it is that plants, particularly scented ones can evoke such special memories of people, places and times in our lives… and how a garden itself often becomes a collection of plants and ornaments that remind us of these special things. This is what makes plants and gardens so incredibly powerful and enriching. Continue reading

Garden design with citrus

One of the most enjoyable aspects of winter for me is the pure abundance of citrus fruit in almost every form. Everywhere you look, there are trees literally dripping with colourful fruit. I can’t help but be in awe of this wonderful group of trees and the gifts that they are giving… and keep on giving. Continue reading

Orange trumpet creeper

Here’s a handy little follow on from my last blog where I suggested spotting a few hybrid aloes about your garden for a lovely splash of winter colour. Well, if that wasn’t enough colour for you, then how about this one? This week I’m asking you to take look at a rather bright if not slightly gaudy winter flowering vine. It’s the orange trumpet creeper or Brazilian flame vine or, if you like to get botanical, Pyrostegia venusta. Continue reading

Give chokos a go

Somebody once said to me that the choko (Sechium edule or chayote in the US) should be the symbol of sustainability. When you think about it, what else can you bang in the ground – and pretty much ignore – that will grow like mad then reward you with such a huge edible return, so much so that you struggle to give your excess away. The neighbours avoid even looking at you in case you hand them another bag full! Continue reading


For me, summertime in the garden is about all hot gaudy colours, and in my mind, no flower does that better than the dahlia. A few of these flamboyant daisies Continue reading

10 plants for a subtropical summer

Summer is in full swing with all its rain and humidity, and I’ve been thinking about the wonderful plants that thrive in this muggy weather, not just the flowers and colourful foliage, but some of the edibles too… and I thought I’d share some of my top picks with you. Continue reading

Phil’s tips for diseases

January to March is traditionally hot and wet in the subtropics, which means just one thing… plant disease. That doesn’t mean everything’s going to cark it folks… some plants, especially the true tropicals like heliconias love this hot steamy weather. It’s the borderline things that tend to suffer, plants that prefer a milder, drier heat and are more suited to Mediterranean or temperate climates. Continue reading