Peter Leigh

About Peter Leigh

  Peter Leigh is the owner of Post Office Farm Nursery. Peter started growing Hellebores as an amateur gardener, however the passion for Hellebores soon got well out of control and beyond the space constraints of his tiny courtyard garden in inner city Melbourne. Studying horticulture at both NMIT and then Burnley College while gradually bringing a close to a 29 year career with the Victorian Public Service, Peter moved to a 20 acre property in the Macedon Ranges north of Melbourne with the aim of establishing a specialist nursery.  

Hellebores are winter wonders

A joy for gardeners on still winter days is the slow emergence of the flowers of that jewel of the winter garden, the Hellebore. In contrast to the rapid flowering of many spring and summer flowering plants, Hellebores exhibit a determined longevity and individual plants can be in flower for several weeks – a blessing for gardeners in the depths of winter. Continue reading