Shanty Wijaya

About Shanty Wijaya

Shanty Wijaya is the principal designer and co-founder of design and renovation firm, ALLPRACE homes. As a former molecular biologist from Jakarta, Indonesia, she moved to the United States in 2001 where she developed her passion for design and curation. Her boldness and "no detail spared" approach is echoed throughout all of her stunning projects, and her work continues to elevate Southern California’s design and renovation scene. In addition to sourcing materials and selecting design concepts, she works as an architect, builder, project manager, and landscaper for each project. She treats her projects as works of art and each design concept is a manifestation of her creativity and ingenuity.

Plants for purpose

With clever landscaping and some considered renovations, a house in the Jefferson Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, has been transformed into a charming, Craftsman-style home, that blends seamlessly with its neighbours.

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