Sophie Thomson

About Sophie Thomson

Sophie Thomson is Gardening Australia's presenter in South Australia, a garden consultant, writer and speaker. As well as presenting for the popular ABC TV show, and writing for Gardening Australia magazine, Sophie has written or contributed to several books and writes the weekly gardening column for the Sunday Mail and the Weekender Herald. Sophie lives at Hamlyn Cottage, a 1.5-hectare property in the Adelaide Hills, with her family and a menagerie of animals including a dog, cats, geese, chooks, and ducks. She has developed a sustainable organic garden with a large vegie patch, more than 100 fruit trees and what she hopes one day will be a breathtaking, climate-compatible, ornamental garden. Sophie opens the garden to thousands of visitors several times a year.

Sophie’s Patch [Part 3]

Designing your garden to be kid friendly is the first step towards encouraging kids to get outside. The reality is that parents must love to be outside in order to pass that love on to their kids. If your favourite activity is sitting on a couch watching TV, chances are that your kids will consciously or unconsciously model that. It may be that in encouraging your children to get outside and love being in the garden, you will also rediscover the joys of gardening.

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Sophie’s Garden [Part 2]

When it comes to designing child-friendly gardens there are some important guidelines to keep in mind. There are 10 features that I think are essential in all gardens, especially where children or grandchildren will get to play. Shade, lawn a sandpit and water are just some of these. Continue reading

Sophie’s Patch

When I think of my childhood, I don’t visualise toys or things; I see a magical place of beauty and majesty – the garden where I grew up. I see the path winding up to the house and having to push aside the weeping foliage to get past, surrounded by an ever-changing array of flowers and foliage. The air was filled with a kaleidoscope of scents and, while at first it seemed quiet, once I tuned in, there was a cacophony of sounds – all natural sounds from insects such as the bees and crickets to frogs, birds and the wind rustling through the foliage.

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