Stephen Read

About Stephen Read

Stephen’s passion for gardens has been unwavering. His drive for experience led to a remarkable career highlighted with diverse opportunities including time as a horticulturist at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, Centennial Park and Elizabeth Farm. Stephen has also held the position as florist for the Governor of NSW and worked in London for the internationally renowned Clifton’s Nurseries.  Stephen now runs a successful design studio in Macedon, Victoria, Stephen Read Landscape Design.  Stephen and his partner currently reside in the 'other house' at 'Tugurium' with Stephen Ryan as landlord, neighbour and friend, where life is filled with perpetual inspiration and horticultural joy.

Review: ‘More Great Properties of Country Victoria’

After growing up on a large property in central NSW, I can relate to the boom and bust nature of rural life. When admiring the grand homes and properties of Victoria’s Western District, it is easy to assume that the pioneers who built them were a little more fortunate and didn’t suffer the same trials and tribulations of drought, disease, rising costs and falling prices. Continue reading

Greenwall success needs long-term commitment

At this time of the year, my clients are coming back from their holidays filled with inspiration and ideas for their garden. Every few years a new theme for requested inclusions starts to emerge. Not that long ago it was water features, however more recently the most requested inclusions are for green walls. Continue reading

My design in Garden DesignFest, 2014

This year I decided to ask one of my clients to open their garden for the Melbourne Garden DesignFest. It was a request I didn’t take lightly; a residential garden is a deeply personal thing. One of the most rewarding aspects of designing residential properties is the deep sense of ownership my clients have for their gardens. Every garden is unique, as is every client, so it really doesn’t matter who else likes the garden. Continue reading