Steven Wells

About Steven Wells

Steven has successfully combined his nursing and horticulture careers to be working as a nurse, a horticultural therapist and the gardens and grounds project officer at Austin Health in Melbourne. He studied horticulture at The University of Melbourne’s Burnley campus and is the 2012 ABC Gardening Australia ‘Gardener of the Year’. Having grown up on a market garden and orange orchard he has ‘green blood’ and is a keen gardener. He is passionate about sharing the benefits of gardening, horticultural therapy and people-plant connections.

Spontaneous moments

The other day I found myself amidst a wonderful spontaneous moment, a moment that reminded me of the importance of stopping to embrace life’s experiences in the midst of busy times.

I was working on a garden design for the rehabilitation centre and I had taken the opportunity to get out of the office and sit in the ward’s dining room in front of the windows that looked out onto the garden area I was working on. Continue reading

A healing hospital labyrinth

Some garden projects just leave me in awe. One such project is the Jessie Mary Vasey Labyrinth located at Austin Health’s Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in Melbourne, the first hospital labyrinth in Victoria. This is a special place that offers respite, refuge and reflection.

Continue reading

Creative upcycling and reuse in your garden

Why do we throw so much out when we just need to tap into our creative thinking and we can make some bespoke items for the garden? I really enjoy upcycling, recycling and reusing and I think it is something that we can do more of in our gardens. Now I’ll admit that this style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a fan of it. Continue reading

Sitting in my garden at night

My biggest challenge as a passionate gardener is actually stopping in my garden to fully enjoy it all, and by stopping I mean for longer than 10 minutes! You see I’m a chronic doer. Lazing on the couch inside all day long is not my thing! Continue reading