Suzy Young

About Suzy Young

Suzy Young is a journalist and a gardener who lives and works in Luang Prabang, in northern Laos, where living is not particularly easy, but it is both challenging and fascinating with beautiful people and a rich natural environment. She teaches English to help young people get and keep jobs and to develop their understanding of the world. When not writing or teaching, she explores the countryside or stays home trying to come to grips with tropical gardening and keeping her dogs from digging it all up.

A first botanic garden for Laos: enchanting Pha Tad Ke

Starting a new garden from the ground up is daunting even for an experienced gardener in a familiar environment, but imagine being a non-gardener, in a foreign country, on unknown terrain in a totally different climate and contemplating the creation of a 14 hectare botanical garden showcasing the indigenous plants of a country where botany is little studied and new species are still being discovered. Continue reading