Todd Layt

About Todd Layt

Todd was the author of Drought Tolerant Gardening Guide, 2009, ISBN; 978-0-646-50860-3. He has written for the Landscape Contractor and the Landscape Manager magazines for 10 years. For many years he ran turf farms and a large production nursery. Now he is director and owner of Ozbreed Pty Ltd, breeding many native and exotic plants, as well as turf varieties including Sapphire Buffalo, and Nara Native turf.  

Robots in the plant nursery

In late 2015 the International Plant Propagators’ Society (IPPS) hosted its international tour in the south east of the USA. One of the most interesting parts of the tour was watching robots move plants at multiple nurseries. These robots are now part of mainstream nursery production in the USA. Continue reading

Can south-east Australia expect drought soon?

The warning for El Niño is currently rather high. In Australia we all remember water restrictions of the past and their devastating effect on gardens and turf. Well it looks like it’s probable again. We’ve had a pretty good run without water problems for a few years now, but we know that will end one day. Continue reading

How to prune ground covers & grassy plants

Unless it’s an annual, pruning is eventually required for all landscape plants. Many new landscape plants have been bred for less pruning, but with modern equipment should we really be pruning less or more? What are the best techniques and equipment for shrubs, grasses and groundcovers? Pruning trees is far more technical, so that’s a story for another day. Continue reading

Autumn lawn care for year-round results

Contrary to popular opinion, late autumn and winter are important times for lawn maintenance. Did you know in warmer climates like Australia, the cooler months are the most important time to fertilise? And if you need to install a lawn over the next few months, do you know which turf types will work best if laid in winter and what techniques you can use to help your lawn establish? There’s also a new, safer lawn grub control product that’s best applied in late winter. Continue reading

Turf – the cost effective groundcover

Compared to ground cover plants, pavers and decorative gravels, turf is more cost effective. The recent economic downturn has seen the sale of turf boom. Why? It is the lowest cost choice for home owners and landscapers to cover the ground. Recently, at the International Erosion Control conference on the Gold Coast, an independent economic expert presented a cost analysis of turf compared to other erosion control surfaces. When compared to other ground cover surfaces and other erosion control techniques, turf was the most cost effective alternative based on percentage of cover and effectiveness. This has major implications for the home gardener and general landscaping. Continue reading