Ulrike Feistel

About Ulrike Feistel

I am a hydrologist, working in countries all over the world, & observing their different cultures, histories, politics etc. As I have a keen interest in gardening I have been watching with fascination the many ways people deal with their gardens, how they make use of their gardens, how important the gardens are to them and not to forget all the fascinating plants. Inspirations from many different places have found their way in our own gardens, sometimes unknowingly creeping in.

How to make cider and sauerkraut, German style

Every year in autumn when all the carefully planned and accidental colour schemes fade away and the whole garden turns into a firework of warm autumn colours and when some plants are literally in flames, another event transforms the garden adding more vibrant colours and liveliness to the otherwise rather tranquil spot: the cider making. Continue reading

Garden rooms in Saxony

In 1995 my husband and I bought an old school house in the countryside not far from the German town of Dresden. The house came with a small piece of land adjacent to the house and both were in a sorrowful condition. The school garden became the second one we have jointly revived to our own taste, some time before Bernhard moved on to help other people Continue reading