Wilson Wong

About Wilson Wong

Dr Wilson Wong resides in Singapore and gardening has been his hobby since young. Although he is trained in herbal drug discovery as in his PhD research work, he has chosen to pursue his passion in horticulture. He currently works for the National Parks Board of Singapore (NParks) and has spent several years in the business of connecting people and plants through active gardening outreach programmes. Previously in HortPark, he is now based in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Outside of his core job, he is also the Gardening Consultant for NParks’ My Green Space e-newsletter, Founder of Green Culture Singapore (a Singapore gardening discussion forum), and Vice President of the Singapore Gardening Society. He is also a garden writer and the resident contributor for ‘Root Awakening’, a gardening Q&A column, in the local newspaper.

Wearing your heart on your leaves

Cut rose flowers are almost indispensable for Valentine’s Day. Couples often pay a hefty sum for floral presents like these where its beauty is transient. Since hearts are also synonymous with love, perhaps you may want to consider gifting a plant with heart-shaped leaves for this important day on the calendar. Giving a suitable plant which will thrive and continue to grow can be likened to everlasting love for someone who is dear to you. Continue reading

Build a raised garden bed for the Tropics

Singapore’s landscape is highly urbanised and soil for growing plants is largely disturbed and consists of mostly clay with low organic matter and offers poor drainage. In edible plant gardens, raised beds offer the gardener the flexibility to concoct a more suitable soil mix that is used to grow a particular crop. The raised column of soil found in a raised bed can help to keep the roots of plants off waterlogged conditions and allows excess water to drain away. The raised bed frames prevent soil from being washed away during heavy rains. Continue reading