Review: The Calyx reveals its Sweet Addiction at Sydney RBG

Newly opened at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, The Calyx is the purpose-built exhibition space that the Gardens has needed and wanted for some years. On the outside it’s an architectural and very beautiful structure occupying the site of the old glass square pyramid Tropical Centre and built on to the Ken Woolley-designed quarter-circle ‘Arc’ glasshouse which survived demolition. I like the way its stark and severe white ribs around the circular open courtyard area contrast with its green and leafy garden background, and also the wonderful shadow patterns they throw on the internal courtyard space. But what’s inside? Continue reading

Review: Link Edge metal garden edging

We’ve used DIY aluminium Link Edge metal garden edging in several places in our garden – edging the front lawn, between gravel paths and gardens, and alongside rendered walls. It’s easy to cut and join, it makes smooth curves and circles and crisp straight lines, and it can even be shaped underneath to curve down a slope too. A good-looking, very versatile and high performance product. It’s 2 years on now and it still looks fabulous. ★★★★★ Continue reading

How to eat your garden – preserving the harvest

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Plant, Grow, Harvest, Cook. But this is after the Great Zucchini Glut. Anyone who’s grown zucchinis knows what this is and, believe me, it’s not pretty. Baby zucchinis, raw zucchinis, zucchinis fried, julienned into spaghetti, stuffed, in salads, in stir fries, dried into chips. Zucchini Nano Alba, Striata di Trieste, Black Jack. The pea and zucchini soup was actually quite nice, but by then we were so damn sick of them! And although the last plant was – thank God! – pulled up today, horribly, lurking in the spare room, are yet more marrows and spaghetti squash. Continue reading

Supporting your garden’s wobbly bits

I once read an article about a gorgeous garden that was accompanied by a photo showing every plant perfectly positioned and well behaved. There was no slouching, leaning, or canoodling. There were no secret smooches between the flirty pink zinnias and that broad shouldered basil. If that garden were a party, they’d be drinking milk and playing bingo. Underneath those high collars and long skirts, those dames were trussed to the hilt. Continue reading

Melbourne Flower & Garden Show 2016 – trophies, trends and titbits

As a show, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) 2016 felt a little quieter than previous years but there were still many fine gardens. I like to stand back first for a while to get an overall impression, then examine each part of the garden more closely. Although good gardens have strong overall design qualities, they are always supported by interesting detail that’s not immediately obvious, but definitely adds to the sum of the parts. Continue reading