Hidden gem of Ku-ring-gai: Seven Little Australians Park

“Before you fairly start this story, I should like to give you just a word of warning. If you imagine you are going to read of model children…you had better lay down the book immediately…Not one of the seven is really good, for the excellent reason that Australian children never are…There is a lurking sparkle of joyousness and rebellion and mischief in nature here, and therefore in children”. Ethel Turner, Seven Little Australians

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Water in the garden

Water in the garden has a long history, as long as gardens themselves. Any history of gardens and gardening will show that the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Japanese, Persian, Mughal, Aztec, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish gardens all featured water prominently in their designs.


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Heywood Gardens, an Irish gem

There are but a handful of gardens in Ireland designed by the Englishman Edwin Lutyens and Heywood Gardens is one of them. As if this isn’t recommendation enough, he collaborated with the renowned plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll in designing the formal gardens at Heywood in about 1912.

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Botanic History in Tasmania

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is celebrating its 200th birthday this year with a series of events and a new publication. The Gardens: Celebrating Tasmania’s Botanical Treasure 1818-2018 has been released to celebrate the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden’s bicentenary this year.

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Let me show you my Italy this May

Are you planning to visit Italy this May but you want to see something different? Would you like to visit some unique gardens guided by an expert? Would you like a local guide that shows you places that only Italians know? If your answer is ‘YES!’ you should join me for the garden tour of Royal Palace of Caserta, Sicily and Sardinia. Continue reading

Christmas lights at Kew Gardens

The iconic Palm House at London’s Royal Botanic Garden is the stunning finale on a magical Christmas trail around Kew gardens, adorned with over one million twinkling lights to get you in the mood for the festive season. As befitting for the most famous botanical garden in the world, this is not simply some lights draped around trees, but a series of imaginative light and sound installations. Continue reading

Exotic Garden at Le Jardin Secret in Marrakech

‘Le Jardin Secret Open Air Museum’ in Marrakech’s massive medina is the restored riad of the last sultan of Morocco. It has two courtyards; the larger is the Islamic Garden, a paradise garden in reinstated cruciform layout and replanted in keeping with the tradition of Islamic gardens. The other is the Exotic Garden – more intimate with complex planting. This smaller one fired my imagination, so I’ll write about it here. Continue reading

Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech

This garden has been analysed, hyperbolised and dissected in every imaginable way. A library has been written about every aspect of it, not to mention millions of photographs! What more can one possibly add? Maybe only my own ‘humble’ perspective for what it’s worth. Continue reading